Where to Buy Domain Name - Best 5 Domain Name Registrar

Where to Buy Domain Name – Best 5 Domain Name Registrar

How can you get a suitable company name for your enterprise? Where and how to search for it? These questions are often heard from an entrepreneur. Whenever you wish to launch a company or get your existing company online, it needs to choose a domain name. After choosing a domain name, you should know where to buy a domain name.

A domain name is nothing but your company name. But you have to give much more effort while choosing a domain name. As the domain name will represent your company. If you have a popular existing brand, you can use it as your domain name. This will make your website well-known to all of your customers.

What is a Domain Name?

Where to Buy Domain Name - Best 5 Domain Name Registrar

A domain name is easy to remember word or collection of words that help us to communicate with the DNS server of the website we want to visit. It is always unique for a single website. When people visit your website on the web, they will see a name appeared on the address bar like “domainname.com”. Commonly, we think that a domain name has the extension “.com” always. But it’s wrong. A domain can even include so many extensions available on the web like .info, .org, .net, .ml, .space, .site, .biz and so on. I think, now it’s a little bit clear to you about what is a domain name.

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GoDaddy is one of the best domain name registrars and web hosting providers around the world.

What is the Difference Between a Domain Name and a Website?

It is a very common error that we think a domain is a website. There is a difference between them. A domain is only the name, it is not your whole company. On the other hand, a website means your entire company. After registering a domain, it is connected with the web hosting and WordPress is installed, then it comes live on the web. Now, we can call it a website. In a word, a website is a live project of a domain name. When people browse the website, they can see the domain name or can search by this name. It is simple to use the domain to remember a web address than the IP address the website is used.

The domain name and URL are not the same

Here is another prediction of people that the domain and the URL is the same thing. Let me clarify this. An URL is not always equal to the domain name. As every time we may use the same link for browsing the website. An URL is simply can be called as a link. It can be the link of a website, web post, blog post or maybe a link to an image used in the web post. But the domain name is only the address of the website. There are no more options.

For example – “sweetlyreview.com” is a domain name.

But https://sweetlyreview.com/how-to-choose-the-best-web-hosting-provider/


These are called URL.

Where to Register a Domain?

To register a domain, you should choose a perfect domain name first. Selection of domain name is somehow a tiring task. You need patience, effort and time for choosing the best one suits to you. Domain name registration providing companies have own domain search engine from where you can pick a unique name. If your choice matches with other people domain name, then you will be notified that “this is not available”. Once it founds a unique name, it will let you register the domain.

You can register your domain from any domain name registrar company. But it is wise to register from a trusted and ICANN accredited Domain Registrar Company. Some of the best domain name registrar companies are-

  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • com
  • Hover

They are very popular in the field of domain and web hosting.


$.99* .COM Domain! You be you with GoDaddy!

GoDaddy is now worlds #1 company who provides the service of domain registration including web hosting. You can get almost all the services to build your website from here. You need not to search for other companies when you register the domain from GoDaddy. The user interface of GoDaddy.com is sound nice. It is very easy to find any product or service on their website.

GoDaddy Domain Registration

The customer care support team of GoDaddy is very much helpful and always dedicated to their users. They are online 24 hours in 7 days. If you need any kind of help, easily can get it. Moreover, they value their users and care for them a lot.

Usually, they demand $14.99/year for a single domain name. But many times they offer to register a domain only at $0.99/year. They also offer cheap web hosting at as little as $1/month ($12/year). If you purchase this web hosting, amazingly you will get a domain fully FREE. So it is a big chance to save more on domain and web hosting from GoDaddy.


.COM domain only at $0.88 for new Namecheap customers. Follow this link and use the coupon code: COM88

Namecheap is the best choice for registering your domain name. This website is very much simple and easy to use especially on the pages of domain management. Namecheap offers affordable price on domain registration with FREE DNS service, WHOIS protection, and FREE SSL encryption.

Namecheap costs only $10.69 per year for registration of a domain of the top-level domain extension including .COM .NET. But almost all the time they offer some valuable coupon codes to buy some domain extensions at a very cheap price. I’ve purchased more than 50 domains from Namecheap with a very cheap rate. A user can purchase .info, .org domain name also for a cheap rate of as low as 1.99.

namecheap domain registration

Maximum time they offer domain name at only $0.48. But these domains are not top-level domain. They maybe .win .website .shop .me .us .review .guide etc. If you buy these cheap domain name you will also get FREE WhoIs protection.

With the .com .net .org top-level domain package, you will get FREE WHOIS protection for one year. Namecheap also offers web hosting services at lower costs.

The customer support is relatively highly responsive. They allow only chat support. But they are always helpful and user-friendly.


Bluehost is the most well-known for web hosting. Typically, they are known as one of the biggest hosting company that helps you to be online. They also provide domain registration service. If you want, you can purchase a web hosting at the time of domain registration. If you purchase a hosting package, you will get a free domain. This will help you save a little money.

bluehost domain registration

Bluehost has an excellent customer support team. Many customers are ready to buy a domain and hosting only for their best customer care.


Hostgator Domain Name

Hostgator is very popular for web hosting. But they also provide domain name to their user. Not only Hostgator but also almost every hosting provider has the feature of domain purchase. They are providing a great opportunity to start a business. A user can register to their web host only for $0.01 for the first month.


Domain name is the most important thing for any business. Before selecting a business name, we should care about the domain name. There are many domain name availability checker tool. It is the wise decision to select a business name if the domain name also is available. Thus any business can achieve the highest level of faith from their customer. Nowadays, online existence is the most important factor. A live website can lead a business to the highest level of success by generating a huge amount of online customers. So, let’s buy a domain name for our business right now before someone takes it out

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