Link Building Strategies for Beginners

What is Link Building? – Link building Strategies for Beginners

This is high time you should learn link building strategies to boost your website up on SERP. In SEO, the Link Building has no alternatives to make a miracle to your website to get it ranked on Google.

How does link building work to rank a website?

Google algorithm has set it up to find the best website and rank them on the first page of the search engine. But, what criteria Google takes into account to consider a website as the best in quality. The first and most important is its Content and the next most important is good links to other websites.

Link Building Strategies for Beginners

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the technique of getting links from other websites to drive more referral traffic from those. Links boost up the authority value of your website and improve the SEO. Good backlinks can a dramatic change to your website’s quality.

Link building means getting other websites to refer you back to high-quality contents. This term is not similar to spammy techniques to get links. However, an effective link building strategy can help you to get healthy backlinks and get increasing referral and organic traffic to reach and discover you.

Why Link Building is Important

Google continuously updates its terms to rank a website. Factors required to rank a website is changing in every update. But backlinks still get priority to rank a website. Google algorithm says backlinks are the #1 ranking factor for a website. So, the more external links a website gets, the more Google tends to rank it.

Webmasters optimize their sites to rank their website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This is termed as SEO (search engine optimization). In SEO, link building is one of the major tactics because links are signs that your website has resourceful contents and is loved by people.

Link building is the basis of content marketing. Links point out that your site has great contents. In fact, content marketing is not a separate thing from link building. Links pass trust and power.

Simple Link Building Strategies

If you own a website and wish to get more and more traffic from organic search, you need to build secure backlinks from relevant websites. That means you should build links from those sites. Backlinks will help your contents reach visitors fast. Secure links also pass referral audiences from other sites.

How Can You Build Links?

Link building requires good communication skills, creativity, excellent impressive power, social skills. The following strategies will help you build healthy links and improve your search engine rankings.  Building a natural link requires hard work and effort to influence others so that they can trust you and give you links.

Making random links will not add much value to your site.

When you build links from a bad site (spam website) may cause harm to your site. Only good and healthy links from relevant sites will give you better performance.

Make sure that the links you build are kept natural. The anchor text where your link is inserted defines your sites good dimension.  Over-optimized anchor text is penalized by Google.

Natural link has many ways including broken link building, outreach link building, guest posting, resource link building, link reclamation, and content promotion etc.

Among all them, broken link building, outreach link building, and guest posting are a very effective way of link building.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building strategy

Millions of links are found broken every day due to expired hosting, migration of websites causing site mess up, or typing mistakes. These events create new opportunities for link building.

Broken link building has become one of the best scalable link building strategies. Broken links are dead links that are not working at present. Find these links and put your link in it to make it work. Then tell the owner that the dead links on their site.

Everyone will like to replace dead links with the working one.

Where and how to find broken links?

Yes, it’s very difficult to find broken links manually. You can use some tools to explore broken links related to your niche. Ahrefs Link Checker is one of the great tools to find out broken links from other websites.

Outreach Link Building

OutReach Link Building

Outreach is one of the most important parts of link building. To build outreach links, first, you need to find out the websites that are relevant to your niche. Then you should contact the webmasters of those sites.

Write an attractive and impressive email to webmasters to convince them to give you links. Your email should be as good as the webmasters would understand and like it.

Introduce yourself and state your wish to build a partnership with the webmaster. Keep your message simple and don’t forget to respect the webmaster. Craft your email and make it creative and personal. Mass emails often get less attention and look like spam.

Send your emails at the beginning or middle of the week to get more success rate. Sending at the end of the week causes fall of open rate and fewer chances of visibility.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the easiest and popular of link building. All websites do not allow guest posting. Only a few allow writing for them. As it is the simplest way to get links, using a great piece of content you can build a healthy link from a relevant site.

To find the websites out who allow guest posting, you can follow some good tactics. You can search for “ write for us, writers needed, write for our blog, right here, gust post, guest blogger, blog for us” etc.

Choose those who has relevancy to your site. Contact with them and  offer a high quality content and ask for links from the post.


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