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Do you want your writing grammatical error free?

If you have reached this article, then you probably want to know about the online software named “Grammarly”.

It is online grammar checking, spell checking, word choice, style mistakes, and also plagiarism checker software.

If you are a blogger and work as a content writer, then you must need this software as it will help you to find grammar mistake as well as plagiarism in your writing.

Even if you are a new article writer, it will very much help you to structure your scripts.  So if your question is why you will need Grammarly, then the answer is straightforward.

Grammarly is not only a good grammar checker but also helps to find plagiarism in your writing. It is necessary for online software for a blogger. So if you are looking for online software to check grammatical errors, then today’s article is going to help you a lot.

I am going to tell you how you can use Grammarly for your website or blog to get rid of grammar and plagiarism problem. Let’s get to know about Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?


Grammarly is online software in which spelling, punctuation, and writings are checked. Blog and website writers use it to assist correct and improve many alternative styles of writing.

It’s a favorite writing tool for bloggers, article writers and authors and also students and occasional writers. Grammarly finds potential issues in books and suggests a correction in writings.

It is also available in Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. In both Android and iOS, it can be used in an app. Grammarly provides premium service in monthly payment. It can be used in Google Docs. This amazing tool works under 250 grammatical rules.

Why Should You Choose Grammarly?

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

I am starting with some basic ideas.

For content or an article writer grammatical errors work as a killer for his/her reputation. You might be surprised that I use Grammarly whenever I write something new because it helps me to find errors and plagiarism in my writing.

I have to write short texts which lead to many grammatical errors. I use the premium version of Grammarly which helps me to restructure my sentences in writings.

Even in Facebook, LinkedIn, blog or twitter when I comment something or give reply of messages, I use Grammarly to solve my errors.

I have found Grammarly user-friendly and easy to use tool. From spelling check to grammar check all problems can be solved only by one click. So I think you got your answer.

I must say that you should choose Grammarly even if you are a student for checking your daily assignments and essays.

A Full Review of Grammarly

In spite of being an English expert, you can’t say that you don’t make mistakes. I have to write more than 3000 words per day which means I must be cautious in writings.

My writings are my earnings. So I have to be careful in my papers. It is straightforward to make mistakes and make spelling errors. I am not an expert so I make mistakes often.

grammarly reviews

With Grammarly, I found the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes too easily. My nephew who is in class 9 had to make a report for his study. When I suggested him Grammarly, he was so astonished by seeing his grammatical mistakes.

He got top marks in that report after solving all problems by Grammarly. So for a student, Grammarly is very helpful to find their errors out easily.

The premium version of Grammarly gives me the opportunity to check my errors after each writing. Microsoft Office lets you solve spelling problems, but with Grammarly, I can explain not only grammatical errors but also I can find plagiarism in my book.

Grammarly gives you a free version and a premium version. I found the premium version so useful that I am not going to free version again. I have used other online grammar tools on the internet, but all were so frustrating.

When my client asked me to use Grammarly I first time found the perfect online spelling checker and grammar tool.

Grammarly not only solves spelling mistakes and grammar problems. It also helps to restructure sentences and give proper words. I am using Grammarly for two years, and I think it is the best online software tool for grammatical problems.

Features of Grammarly

I found this analytical tool very useful for finding several types of errors:

Writing style

If you want to see your writing style problems then you can use Grammarly to see your writing mistakes. Grammarly helps me to change writing structures and helps me to rewrite the sentence with a different word.

Spell Check

If you are finding a robust spell check tool then Grammarly is the best choice for your writings.


Grammarly detects all types of copy-paste writings which are very dangerous for your blog or website. With Grammarly plagiarism can be checked by only one click. Only premium users of Grammarly can use this online software tool.

Punctuation and Grammar

The primary objective of Grammarly is that it detects punctuation missing and grammatical errors in writings.

If you want suggestions and guidelines on how to solve grammatical mistakes, then Grammarly is the best option for your papers.

Grammarly Free version VS Grammarly Premium version

The #1 Writing ToolIn Grammatical free version, you will get only critical grammar checks and spelling checks.

In premium version of Grammarly, you will get critical grammar checks and spelling checks, Plagiarism checking tools from 16 billion web pages, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure and the last one is  Genre-specific writing style checks.

By using the premium version of Grammarly, you can –

  • Check your writing across the web
  • Access your editor via
  • See explanations of grammar rules
  • Get performance statistics via email
  • Add words to your dictionary
  • See definitions, antonyms, and synonyms via only double click
  • Access your documents on multiple devices
  • Use your native desktop apps

I can say that if you are a student, blogger or own a website then Grammarly is the best software for your daily use.

Final Words

Grammarly is online software which is not only giving me reliability but also giving me a consistent result in my writing. You can find an alternative for Grammarly which is ProWritingAid.

But I find it not too much compatible as it includes some bugs. Whatever if you are thinking to use online software for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors then you can choose Grammarly without a second thought. It is not only my opinion.

Millions of Grammarly users have a good impression for it. So try the free version, and you will automatically try premium version for getting the most advantage from Grammarly.

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