The Best Video Streaming Websites

There was a time when Television was a source of entertainment for everyone. But now things have been changed. Due to the blessings of technology, people are spending most of their time on the internet. It might be for work, it might be for entertainment or anything else.

According to human psychology, we love visuals. We used to watch videos rather than reading articles. That’s how the idea of video streaming websites was born. 
Millions of people are visiting these websites every single day. They are watching vlogs, movies, documentaries, music videos, whatever they want. It has become a good source of entertainment purposes.
Today we will discuss some of the best video streaming websites.
Let’s jump into it.


YouTube is the most dominant video streaming websites online. Whenever we are looking for a video reference the first name that strikes our mind is YouTube. YouTube has started its journey in 2005. It is a subsidiary of Google since November 2006. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. Watching videos on YouTube is completely free.


Are you curious about the world? CuriosityStream is one of the best video streaming websites. You can discover the world from at your screen! John Samuel Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Channel make the streaming website, CuriosityStream.

The interesting thing about YouTube is that every single minute, approx 300 hours of videos have been uploaded to YouTube. Not only that they have received 90 Peta Byte of video data every year. If you want to watch all the videos that are available on the YouTube server, it will take 199,771 years to finish all of them. Interesting! Isn’t it?


If you want us to recommend an alternative to YouTube, the first name we would recommend you is Vimeo. Right now, it is actually the fastest growing video streaming platform on the internet.

The best part that we love about them is that they prefer quality rather than quantity. If you start watching videos on their website, you can compare the quality with other websites.

You can watch videos on Vimeo for free. But they have a paid version as well. They are having three pricing plans for their users.

You might be thinking why should I pay for watching videos here? Well, it is not for watching videos. If you are a content creator and if you are using the free plan you can upload 500MB videos every week and 10 videos per day. 

On the other hand, if you are using the plus plan you can upload 5 GB videos every single week.


Recently, Netflix has become very popular among the youth. It is a paid video streaming website where you need to pay a certain amount of subscription fee every month to watch videos. 

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If you are already using Netflix, you know that what it is all about. But if you don’t know then I will tell you the story.

Netflix is popular for Hollywood TV Series, and movies. You can watch almost all the Hollywood movies and series here. You can also watch TV series or movies from different countries as well. But they are limited in numbers. 

Netflix has different pricing plans. You can choose the one you like. Netflix is offering a one-month free subscription facility to its users.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a creation of an online e-commerce giant Amazon. Prime Video is similar to Netflix. You can find and watch TV series and movies with an amount of subscription fee. The people of all over the world can enjoy watching Amazon Prime Video except Mainland China, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Iran.


If you are looking for Break an entertainment, comedy, and humor based video sharing platform, we would recommend you to visit Break has started its journey in 1998. Here, you will find videos on different categories like entertainment, animals, DIY, Food & Drink, Bike & Car, etc. People from the age between 18-36 are their target audience. Recently, Break has around 14,000,000+ monthly visitors on its website.

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