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The Best Travel Booking Site to Save More on Flights and Hotels

After a vast research on different travel and airfare booking websites, we have focused on a few websites who are considered as the best travel booking site. We consider those having easy searching facility, comparison among different websites and find the best one, cheaper price with good service and trustworthiness.

After these considerations, we highly recommend “ “as the best travel booking site. Expedia allows to search and book almost every service you need to complete your tour. Expedia has a wide variety of products and partners that make it more trusty and reliable.

best flight booking site

In addition,,, and have the same features. They have mixed up flight search, hotel booking, and car and vacation rentals at the same time. Travelers need not search on other websites for a single service. Everything you need to make a memorable trip is available on these websites.
Now, I am going to show you the details of these travel sites.

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Expedia Reviews

Expedia is the largest and top leading website in the world of traveling having a good partnership with a number of brand travel agencies. The Expedia group works for making the world at the leg distance for travelers. Travelers can find their desired products and packages for arranging their tour easily from Expedia. It suggests only top-rated hotels and flights that are rated by customers.


Expedia is not a single product website. They give an opportunity to search and book flights, hotels, vacation rentals, cars, and cruises. It has a good collection of hotels based on their best service. The Expedia group classify hotel collections according to the available facilities like beachfront hotels, culture, and history, relaxation, family fun, island paradise, snow, northern lights, music festival and gastronomy etc. gastronomy etc. You can grab your desired one. They have bundle service for booking flights and hotels, flights and vacation rentals, flight and hotels and cars, hotels and cars etc.

It provides “save money” facility by booking a bundle offer like flight and hotel with most of the packages. The percentage saving will depend on the location of the destination, the distance of the destination, traveling date, duration of the trip and selected travel agent.

expedia reviews


• Expedia has a vast property which allows searching the flights, hotels, and cars from a million properties all around the world.

• Expedia has an awesome feature, “Reward”. Only Expedia members will get a reward from Expedia, hotels and booking flights. These rewards can be used for booking travel properties, free drinks at VIP hotels, excellent discount on spa at partner points or you can donate these rewards too.

• Expedia rewards member can get special valued offers and VIP access on hotels on over 200 top places all over the world.

• Expedia app has been developed for their customer which gives easy access to Expedia. This app is available on the app store and Google play store. So it keeps your trip in your hand with one click. This is one of the highest rated apps.

• It provides free cancellation for flights, hotels or other packages within 24 hours of booking. But not late than 24 hours.

• It has 24/7 hour customer support which makes it very convenient for their users.


• The website has millions of properties which may confuse the users.

• There is no way to set a travel reminder for your reservation.

• If you need to cancel your trip after 24 hours of reservation, then you have to pay a fee.

Travelocity Reviews

Travelocity is a popular website for travelers. It has excellent booking facility that let you book everything very easily. You can make a good match for your flights, hotels or vacation rentals and vacation packages. If you have a multiple tour plan, Travelocity allows you to reserve all these on a single website and make your tour easy and enjoyable.

While searching flights or other deals through Travelocity, it shows the result from the top rated best deals at the top. You can sort and filter your searches by departure time, duration of the trip, flight duration, and other keywords. The advantages of searching through Travelocity are listed below for your amenities.

You can make a schedule for booking flights, hotels, cars and vacation rentals and excursions as well. A very good feature of Travelocity is that it makes a list of customer reviews from Trip Advisor for booking of the hotels.

         best hotel booking site


• Travelocity has got a wide range of partners all over the world to make it simple and easy to find any travel packages. You can book flights, hotels, cars, cruises and Vacation rentals from here easily.

• It has more than 400 airline partners and 321000 hotel partners.

• Travelocity helps you get the best deal at a discount price. If you find a lower price, it will help you get the deal.

• Travelocity does not charge for changing plan or cancellation of hotel bookings.

• It has a list of today’s best deal and top destinations that help in getting the idea and making the tour plan.

• Travelocity gives 100% customer support guarantee for 24 hours in 7 days.

• The Travelocity apps have been developed for mobile users that work on every operating system and will notify you about your hotel deals. You can get the app from the app store or Google play store.


• This website tends to show the costly and expensive deals than other websites. So the travelers having the minimum budget go to other sites to get the best and affordable deals.

• Flights search is narrow. It only shows eight airlines.

• You cannot see the offers and discount deals earlier or later.

Orbitz Reviews is a multiple travel package booking sites. But it is best for booking flights. Orbitz has flight booking, hotel and vacation rentals, car and cruise rental service and a combination of two or more packages. By bundling packages with flights you can save money. If you want to book a cruise, you surely depend on Orbitz as they have cruises all over the world.

You can filter your flights by destination, departure date and time, airline and number of stops. Like Expedia rewards, Orbitz has also reward system “Orbucks”. But to get reward points you need to sign up. If you need help, search FAQ section to get your answers.

Orbitz has a great feature “Flexible Date Search” that allows searching for flights within three days prior or after the date you have chosen for your trip. This feature helps you get cheaper deals available around your selected days. You can save money by changing your dates and departure.

         orbitz review


• Orbitz shows all the costs and fees for while you going to book flights, hotels, cars or vacation rentals. So you can take a good decision regarding your budget and probable costs.

• Using Orbitz reward points you can get discounts and exclusive deals on booking. You will get priority access to VIP hotels.

• You can book hotels and vacation packages from this site and can make a bundle with flights. This will help you save your money.

• It makes a list of top properties by which you can easily find the best one for you.

• The Orbitz app will help you get updated information and keep you knowing your trip details.


• You will be charged for cancellation of any deals. No cancellation is free here.

• The websites live chat service is difficult to find out.

• It searches only nine airlines.

Priceline Reviews is a well-known name in the world of booking flights, hotels, cars and cruises. Hence this is not so much enriched like Expedia or Travelocity, it provides simple and easy search facility than those. When you go about booking a property, it will show all the features, costs and facilities you may get from that property.

It also shows any discounts or special rates available at that time and cancellation prerequisites. Priceline put those companies at the top who have better customer review. So that you can get the best property at the best price.

                                 priceline review


• Priceline customer service is reliable as it has a good customer review. The properties having a partnership with the Priceline also have good customer review and feedback.

• Easy to search flights, hotels, and cars. The feature is easier than other multi-search websites.

• It will put all the information about a hotel or flight booking company to you that will help you get the perfect deal.

• Priceline has “express deal” option in which you may get big discounts on booking cost.

• There are some great features. You may get 200% refund of your booking money through Express deal.

• There is no hidden charge or fees in making your deal.

• There are so many filter options by which you filter properties and get the best one. Amazingly, you also can filter by brands.

• Though they lack a reward system, they offer members-only pricing and the guarantee for the best price.


• Priceline has no reward point system.

• There is a lack of filter facility by accommodation type.

• It does not show the hotel name while booking through Express deal.

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