onpay reviews and pricing

OnPay Reviews, Features, and Pricing

If you want to grow your business, it is important that you pay attention to the payroll and HR. Payroll is one of the most sensitive issues in business. If your employees don’t get paid timely, it can make them demotivated and your company growth might be hampered.

Many companies do their payroll manually, which takes time and employees don’t get their remuneration in time. But now there are so many software and online applications in the market that will make your payroll easier and faster.

One of the most popular payroll applications online is OnPay. It is an easy, quick, mobile-friendly system which will help you to pay your employees faster, complete their taxes and filings. It will also add payroll to QuickBooks or Xero instantly.

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OnPay is the best payroll service in 2020. It will be a great choice for small businesses. It is really easy-to-use and the price is affordable.

Here, I will share an overview, features, and pricing about OnPay.

So, let’s jump into it.


OnPay is different from other payroll services because OnPay is not a startup, it’s a business. Their dedicated and specialized team is working hard to combine their business with the latest technology to get customer satisfaction. Their hard work actually brings a fast, intuitive, easy-to-use system to help you with your payroll issues.

OnPay is investing more and more effort in improving its customer service, expanding into HR and benefits, and providing small businesses unsurpassed levels of support so that their customers can experience something great that other companies can’t.

So far, in all the 50 states, OnPay processes over $2 billion dollars in payroll annually for different companies.

There are three reasons why I personally think OnPay is better than others.

  1. OnPay will provide you a simple experience and an easy-to-use interface that will make your work easier than before.
  2. Whether you are using your desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablets OnPay has a Fast loading time that will speed everything up.
  3. OnPay will show you a preview of your payments. It will definitely help you to avoid mistakes.

Why You Should Choose OnPay?

We can realize that OnPay is a good company that offers payroll services, have an expert team, etc. But why we should choose OnPay? Or why should we switch to OnPay from other payroll services?

Yes, I know, even though everybody knows that switching a payroll service is actually a difficult task. Nobody wants to do it right?

But there are certain reasons that will definitely make you think twice to switch your payroll accounts to OnPay.

Top-rated payroll services

OnPay is offering a top-rated payroll service in the market. They are offering the best payroll services in the cloud for small businesses. All the information is being backed up by an expert, helpful, and friendly team. No matter what if you have two employees or thousands, OnPay is there to help you.

Account Migration is now easy

As I have mentioned above, payroll account migration has never been an easy task. But if you want to switch to OnPay, they will help you to migrate your account. You just need to provide them some basic information and they will do the rest. If any issues occur during the process, OnPay will be responsible for it and they will resolve the issue.

Award-winning customer support

Before using any product or service, the first thing we are concerned about is the customer service. OnPay has expert customer support and they are ready to help you whenever you need help. Whenever you need help you can call, chat, or email them for their assistance.

However, OnPay customer service experts will help you to migrate your accounts for free.

Affordable price

We always get confused between the quality and quantity. We always assume that the price will be lower when the product is not up to the quality. The higher the price, the quality of the product will be higher. But this time all our assumptions will go wrong. 

OnPay is offering the best quality service at an affordable price. They are also providing HR Services for free.

HR Tools and Software integration

OnPay will give you access to numerous HR tools and Software integration that will definitely make your work life easier. It includes Automated onboarding flows, Custom personnel checklists, Document storage + personnel files, HR resource library, Compliance audits, etc.


OnPay believes that whenever you want to switch to OnPay it will be the best time to switch. They will make it easy for you. OnPay is a market-leading payroll system that has come up with some great features.


OnPay payroll system is easy-to-use. Anyone who has basic computer skills can use it. It is a fast loading system that will do everything for you.

Special Payroll Services

Whether it is a restaurant, Churches and clergy, Farms and agriculture, or a 500+ employee company OnPay will get the right payroll for you.

Employee self-service

OnPay has an employee self-service feature that lets your employees do more on their own self. It will save you time and energy. This feature includes Self-onboarding, Lifetime accounts, Change address and personal information, Pull paystubs, employment docs, and tax forms, etc.

Deep Software Integration

OnPay has a deep software integration that allows its users to get all their finances in one place. It also helps to avoid mistakes and repetitive tasks.

Customer Support

OnPay has an award-winning customer support team at your service. They are ready to help you whenever you need their assistance. Their core services include free account migration, Weekday support by phone, chat, and email, Emergency email support on weekends, Accuracy guarantee, and so on. From answering your questions to calling IRS, Onpay is there.

HR Tools

OnPay has included some important HR Tools that will definitely save your time. Some of the tools are Automated onboarding flows, E-signing, Built-in document templates, Compliance audits, etc.


OnPay is offering the lowest price with high-quality service in the market. First of all, they are offering the same price for everything. That means you need to pay a base fee of $36USD/Month and $4USD/person. So, if you have only one employee you have to pay a monthly subscription of $40USD/Month.

They have a built-in calculator on their website to calculate your monthly subscription fee. Moreover, they are offering a one month trial and migration your payroll services from your previous provider for free.