How to Upload YouTube Videos? Step by Step Guideline

Do you have a good content-based videos that entertain, inspire or educate people? If so then you must build up a strong community in which more people can talk about your business. Without any doubt, YouTube is a big platform that will help you to make a big community. You can easily upload your video on YouTube.

Do you want to learn how to upload YouTube videos? Don’t stop your reading. In this article, I am going to discuss every step of uploading a video on YouTube that will helps you a lot.  

What are the Advantages of YouTube?

First of all, you have to know what the main advantages of using YouTube. SO before making any video content please check that is it really beneficial for you. All advantages of YouTube are given below, please check out it.

Free to Use Service – YouTube is a free social platform where people can discover anything how you like. But remember you have to follow all the rules which are given by the YouTube management authority. 

Can Watch Any Type of Video – You can use this service for watching comedy shows, music videos, recipes, hacks, and videos of a how-to guide, how to make and many more.

Can Make Own Channel – You can make your own channel, where you can store your videos. And that channel could be a great store in your memory.

Good for Business – It is a very strong platform to drive traffic to your site. So YouTube could be a powerful platform for your small business. Here you can easily grow your audience by creating good video content.

So, now you are clear about the benefit of using YouTube. Let’s talk about how to upload YouTube videos?

How to Upload YouTube Videos?

Logging into YouTube Account

First of all, you have to log into your YouTube through your Google account.

Choosing Your Selected File

After successfully logging into your YouTube, you need to choose the upload arrow button which is situated near the upper right-hand corner of your page. After clicking that button you will be reached to the page of upload.

Uploading Your Video

After reaching the upload page, simply press the ‘select file to upload.’

Here you can easily upload your file quickly from any device like a mobile or computer. And your video will be attracting your audience just within a few minutes.

Privacy Settings

Most importantly you must strictly maintain your privacy setting section before uploading your video. Because it is a public platform so should maintain your privacy.

Actually, you can find various types of privacy for different videos of your YouTube channel.

After setting your privacy, you can click the arrow button to select your video for uploading. Just drag and drop your video file.

Title, Tags, and Description

  • You must add a details description in short about your content
  • Must add a title that is SEO friendly and can easily find through the search engines. Because it is a very important piece for your video that will provide important information to your audience. An informative title will help your content to rank quickly.
  • Add a tag that will help the discovery of your video.

Important Tips before Uploading Your Video

Follow our Following Tips before Uploading Your Video

  • You have to make sure that YouTube supports your file of the video. For you, I list those file format that YouTube support.
AVI MP4 FLV WebM CineForm MPEG4   MOV  
WMV MPEGPS 3 GPP ProRes DNxHR HEVC (h265)       

If your video file does not list here don’t worry you can re-export it by using a supported format.

  • Before uploading your video file you do don’t need any music. Because YouTube will permit you to add sound effects and music after uploading your file.
  • To make your channel look more professional you can use a YouTube banner maker.
  • Try to upload HD quality video, because clear video always attracts people’s attention.
  • To increase your subscription number you have to share your video with family, friends and also request them to share with their close one. It will help you a lot.
  • If you have a website you can add your video file there. You can also sync your channel with your website so that your new video automatically added to your website page.

Final Words

Before making your video content you have to keep in mind that YouTube is a social platform and your content must reflect that. So don’t try to scare people away from your small business. If you provide your audience with more engaging content they will come back automatically.

Hopefully, you can be benefited from this article and also perfectly learn how to upload YouTube videos?

If you have farther queries, please feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.