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How to Start a Blog Online? Step by Step Guideline with Purposes of Building a Blog Website

There was a time when people used to maintain a personal diary, where they wrote their personal life stories, experiences, etc. But it was temporary. Sometimes it might be missing or destroyed. With the blessings of technology now people can write online by creating their own blog.

The advantages of creating a blog come out. Now it is very easy to share your stories with the whole world on the internet. This is not the end. Though it may not the main purpose of the blog, you also can generate a passive income from your blog as well.

Today, I am going to share a few steps on how you can start a blog online. In addition, I will share some tips that I wish somebody told me when I get started. I hope this blog will be full of fun and learning.

So, it’s time to start the show.

What is a blog?

People always get confused with the blog and vlog. Both are actually different. A blog is actually a regularly updated website with full of informative contents, conducted by an individual or a company. It can be formal or informal. Say, for example, you love traveling. You can start a travel blog on this particular niche where you will write informative contents on traveling, like travel tips and tricks, best tourist destinations in the USA, top 10 places to visit in the world, best countries to visit, etc.

If you want to know more about the blog, then read the article on What is a blog?

How to Create a Blog Website?

Most people ask me that they are interested in creating a blog. Can I create it for me, or should I need to spend money on this? Many of them do not know how to create a blog website and start blogging. They also ask me, “is it free to start blogging for beginners”? Well, I always told them nothing is free in this world. Either you have to spend money or neither you have to spend your time. Blogging can be done in both ways. If you don’t want to spend money or your blog, you can create a free blog with the help of blogging websites.

One of the most popular blogging websites is WordPress. You need to create an account and start blogging. Or else, you can buy a domain and hosting for your blog and get started. I always recommend people to buy a domain and hosting for blogging. Because, when you start blogging with a particular domain and hosting, it will represent your brand. It will create a separate identity for you. Always try to think on a long term basis. Both ways are the same. But if you ask me what would I prefer, I would say go for the second option. Free versions have lots of limitations. Now the choice is yours.

Step by Step Blogging Guideline for Beginners

blogging for beginners

For the past few years, blogging has become a way of earning a living. According to research, the United States will have around 31.8 million blogs in 2020. This is only in the United States. Just imagine the global scenario. So if you are new and want to start blogging, I hope you can understand what level of competition is waiting for you. So, what do you think about blogging? A question may arise in your mind after seeing these statistics, “should I start a blog? Right???

Don’t worry. The situation is not getting worst these days. You may start your blog today. I have researched a simple three-step guideline on how to start a blog online and make money for you. Here, you will find some tips and tricks that will help you to start a blog from scratch.

Niche Selection

Before starting a blog, Niche selection is the most important part. When we talk about niche selection, people get confused, what to select, which things we should keep in mind, etc. etc. But My friend, I have a simple solution for you. Don’t think too much about it. Everything on this universe is a niche. Say, for example, the climate is a niche, Stars might be a niche, flowers, your pets, foods anything can be a niche.

Choose the niche you are passionate about.

If you are a food lover, try to do food blogging, if you are a pet lover, try to blog on pets. Do whatever you love to do. Popular blog ideas are a personal blog, fashion and lifestyle blog, beauty and health blog, photography blog, wedding blog, fitness blog, kids blog, interior design blog, jewelry, make up blog, and travel blog, etc. These blog ideas are very helpful to choose a niche of what you want to write on your blog posts A Niche is actually a category on which you want to work on. I would recommend you to choose the one you are passionate about. It will help you to work for more hand and the result will show you the growth and success of your blog.

How to choose the right and best domain and Hosting

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Choosing a domain or hosting for a self-hosted blog is the most crucial part. Your blog name will represent you and your website. Choose a catchy, unique name for your blog. It has to be easy to remember and must be relevant to your niche. I always prefer to buy the domain and hosting from GoDaddy. The service of GoDaddy is awesome. When you are running something online, your website must have a faster loading speed and GoDaddy will definitely help you in this matter. Moreover, GoDaddy offers a FREE website builder with which you can make your website very easily. I have already written an article on how to choose the best web hosting. It would be helpful for you if you read it before you choose a domain and hosting for your blog.

I would always like to recommend you to go for a self-hosted blog. Because it will help you to create your own brand identity. Say, for example, your name is John and you are a graphics designer. So if you create a free blog for your portfolio your website URL should be like “”. On the other hand, if you own a self-hosted blog it should be “”.

Now, it’s your decision which one is your preference.

For me, I will choose the second one, because, spending money for your brand is not an expense, it’s an investment. Think twice or thrice before making the decision.

Design Your Blog

wordpress blog web design

As soon as you have chosen a good domain name that will attract more traffic to your blog, the next and the final step is to design the outlook of your blog. There was a time when you have to code manually to design a website. But now, it’s easy. You will get hundreds of free and premium themes that will give a clean, stylish, elegant and minimal look to your blog.

How to Choose The Best Theme for Your Blog

The first part of designing your blog is to choose the perfect theme for your blog. You can check out the WordPress library for free themes or you can add any theme you like. Once you are done with choosing the perfect theme, activate it so that it will get installed on your blog.

How to Manage your Blog’s Content

As you are done with the theme, now you have to manage the blogs and pages. You can go to the Dashboard > Posts > Add New to add your first post. You can add titles, image, and content there. As soon as you are done you can publish the content or you can save it and publish it later if you want.

Moreover, you can create your homepage, by creating a new page and adding titles to it. After creating a blog post and pages, go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and then select the welcome page to your homepage and blog page to the post page settings.

How to Create Menu on WordPress

It is the most important thing about a website or blog. It will help your visitors to browse your website easily. When you are using WordPress, creating Menu for your website is very straightforward and easy.

Steps: Click on the “Appearance” button from the left side of your WordPress dashboard. Click on “Menu”. You can create a menu and allocate them in a different location such as on the header and footer.

How to Create Menu on WordPress

How to Install Plugins on WordPress

There are hundreds of plugins available in the WordPress library. Some are free and some of them are paid. These plugins will help your website to grow more. So, don’t forget to add plugins on your blogs.

After login to the dashboard of your website, click on ‘Plugins’ at the left side.

How to Install Plugins on WordPress

Now click on “Add New”. You will see many helpful plugins for your blog on the home page. You can also search for a useful plugin for your blog from the search field.

How to add new plugins on WordPress.

How to Customize Your Blog

As soon as you are done with the basic steps, now it’s time to do some advanced stuff. You can change colors, layouts as you want to have in your blog. Each theme has lots of features for customizations. If you need anything, that is not available in the theme features you can use custom CSS features for that or you can contact with the theme customer support (if the theme is premium) to get more customization of your blog.

Personal Email Account

If you are thinking to a blog for a business purpose, a customized personal email account is a must. It will help you to be more professional to your clients and visitors. You can create your professional email from your hosting cPanel.

Steps: Login to your cPanel and locate the Email tab. Create a professional email there. For example

Final Words

So, first of all, congratulations! You are done with the step by step guideline on how to start a blog. I would say, creating a blog is very easy. But making it creative, updated with some unique and valuable information is actually difficult. If you are passionate about something, start writing about it. You don’t need to be a writer or blogger. It is a matter of time and practice. Nobody is a by-born writer or poet. So, why are you waiting for? Start a blog now to let people know about your passion and start making money from it.