how to make youtube videos

How to make YouTube Videos? Step by Step Guideline

Do you want to make money from YouTube? Why not, it is one of the large platforms, where a huge number of the audience waiting for good content. So why don’t you start your own business? Here easily you can get large traffic for your content. So don’t west your time just start making content for YouTube. But to ensure your success firstly you must learn how to make YouTube videos?

In this article, I am going to discuss the basic things of making the video for YouTube. If you are a complete beginner read this article to the end it will help you a lot. Continue your reading.

How to Make YouTube Videos?

So here I am trying to give every basic information like from planning to edit YouTube video. Please take a look

Make a Plan for Your Video Content

First of all, you have to understand your content subject. And ask yourself these following question

  • What actually makes you click on a YouTube video?
  • What inspired you to watch other content?
  • Which things make you bored watching the video?
  • What your favorite You Tubers are doing right now?
  • Which topic you have the best skill?
  • Can you make available content on your selected topic?

Try to Write Down a Script

After planning your video content idea you must select the best one that can suit your ability. And after selecting your content topics please try to write down a script for your content. It will definitely help you

  • To make quality content for your audience.  
  • Will give your audience more structure
  • And also helps you to don’t forget anything’s
  • You can make your video on your point
  • Bullet your main points that you want to cover in your video.

Understand Your Audience

Most importantly you must understand your audience correctly. Because once you can understand what actually your audience wants from your video your further audience will grow faster than before. That increasing number of audiences will help you to rank your channel. Try to make your upcoming video on audience demands. Convince them to keep in touch with you through comments.

Basic of Video Production

You must have video production skill before making any video, otherwise, it will be the loss of your time.

But if you are creating a video like the game review, movie review/critique, reaction video then you will don’t need to have production skill. And for making this type of video you just need a smartphone.

However, your video will look better with high quality, if you shoot your video with digital SLR. It will be nice to shoot in 4K quality but 1080p and below then it is available on this platform.

Try To Create Valuable Content

If you want to faster growth of your YouTube channel, it will be essential for you to create content that can create value for your targeted audience.

Are you want to know exactly what makes content more valuable?

Basically, valuable content means a video that actually touches the audience’s emotions and viewers also can understand the actual message of that video.

Usually, people can easily learn anything from valuable content.

For example, if you want to make your audience laugh and your video exactly can laugh your audience then that video will be your valuable content, because it exactly does what you really want from your content. One of the other benefits of a valuable content is that it also engages other people to your channel and the audience will help you to make your next video by giving you a new idea that they actually want to watch.

Always, try to make valuable content that can give your audience something’s new ideas or experience. Because only good content can help you to make a substantial income. It only the 1st best option for making a standard income from YouTube.

Understand the Importance of Music or Sound

First of all, you must clearly understand the basic relationship between video and audio.

Suppose, you make really good quality content that is valuable but you combine it with a piece of bad music or a sound. Due to this fact, your video will be lost it value from your audiences and that will make your business down.  

So, always make sure that you have a good combination of video and sound.

To improve your sound quality you can invest in a decent microphone if you give your own voice or the real sound of your video.

On the other hand, if you want to use music as your background sound you must have a collection of high-quality copyright-free music.

Pick a Best Video Editor Software

After making videos and set your audio, the most important part of your video is the editing option.

In the market, there is huge software for video editing, but every software is not perfect or works well at all. So, before purchasing any software you must check out the review of the best video editing software. Because review will help you to choose the best one that will suit you.

However, everyone has a budget limit, so choose your one according to your own budget. But also keep all the above discussion in your mind.

Before purchasing any video editing software, you can also try out best free video editors, if you are completely new in video editing.

Most important thing is that you must learn how to properly use video editing software. You can get help from many tutorial videos that is available on YouTube. So, why not start to learn from today. Otherwise, your competitor will get the attention of your targeted audience.

Tips to get your YouTube Channel Up to Speed

I have some tips for you that will helps you to get your YouTube Channel Up to Speed. Please take a view

For convenience try to use a webcam

If you are complete beginners and don’t have much budget to make a video with DSLR or smartphone, don’t be upset everything’s has its own solution. You can easily utilize your webcam if you have your own laptop or computer. And if you have not any webcam you can purchase it just for $20.

Use a Smartphone for Mobility

Usually, the smartphone comes with the most important 3 options of video making that are

  • Record video
    • Microphone facility and
    • Record audio

You can easily record your video anywhere at any time with a smartphone. And you can also easily transfer your videos into another device.

For High Quality, Filming use a Video Camera

Definitely video camera has a higher display quality than a webcam and smartphone. So if you want to record high-quality filming I like to recommend you to use a video camera. It will help your content to attract more audience.

Try to have a Dedicated Microphone

Usually, sound quality is the most important factor for any video content. Because the quality of a sound can easily break or make video popularity.

Try to Make Your Video More Real

Try to give your own voice in your video content that makes your video more real. And try to record your video in such a way that looks so real to your audience.

Congratulations dear you almost learn everything about the basics of how to make YouTube videos? So what’s your next plan? Definitely now you want to learn how to upload YouTube videos?

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot to know more about the YouTube video making process and also other important information about video making. So, dear why not you start your project from right now? I am here for you, if you need further help please let me know in the comment section below. Best of luck and enjoy your work.