how to make a website under one hour

How to Make a Website: Step by Step Guidelines for Beginners

Both tech and a non-tech person can wish to build a website. A non-tech person may become worried about how to build a website as he/she does not know the code to build a website. Many of us have the prediction that without knowledge of programming and coding, building a website is impossible. I will make you sure that this prediction is useless. If you have been planning for making a website, you need not worry about such silly matters. In this guideline, I will give you step by step instructions on how to make a website of your own without having the burden of hiring a web developer.

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For making a website, you should follow only FOUR easy steps. It will not take much effort and time. It was 2005 when I make my first website. It was somehow difficult to build without being a tech geek. Nowadays, it becomes quite easy and simple after development and up gradation of technology. Now I can build a website only within 1 hour or less. As a beginner, it may take a little bit more time for you.

Guidelines for building a Website

how to make a website in 1 hour

If you are seeking help for building a website, then I can assure you that you have landed in the perfect place. Stay stick with me and do the things what I say. I am here with the aim to give a tutorial on “how to make a website”. Just follow the following guidelines.

Step 1: Choose the right platform you want to build your site

The first step of making a website is to choose a platform on which you wish to build and keep your website. This step should take only 5 minutes. There many platforms or content management systems available on the web. You need to choose the perfect one for you. Among these content management systems, most commonly used are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

WordPress is the best for beginner’s for its simple user interface, responsive and mobile friendly feature, and it is free of cost. You can easily manage your website built in WordPress. You can install WordPress with one click and get the app ready for you.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name and Web Hosting

In making a website, your next step is to choose a perfect and suitable domain name and a web hosting. You should select the domain name as short as possible. It should be attractive, catchy, and easy to remember. It should not be too long, should not contain a number or hyphen. The domain can be your company name. But it should be available. You may not get your company name directly. Then choose the best matching one.

While choosing a web hosting, you should define your requirements. For example, for a business or e-commerce website, you can choose the dedicated one. But for a blog or niche site, you may choose VPS web hosting. It is better to avoid shared hosting. But, if your budget is limited, you can go for it.

Personally, I recommend buying web hosting from GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, and Interserver. GoDaddy and Interserver are perfect for a minimum budget customer. GoDaddy offers web hosting only $1 per month with a FREE domain. So you can save more from Godaddy. Interserver offers web hosting at $5 per month with a price lock guarantee. Namecheap is overall the best both in budget and performance. Bluehost and Hostgator requires a smart budget for web hosting. Sometimes Bluehost also offers web hosting starting at $2.75 per month with a free domain name. But this offer is very limited.

Step 3: Choose the Right Template and Customize It

After registration of a domain name and buying a web hosting plan, access your control panel. Install WordPress or any other content management system. Go to “Appearance/ Theme” menu. Select a theme that is available on WordPress or you can buy a premium theme.

                         wordpress install

Choose the right template. Then customize your website adding menu and submenu. Rearrange the tabs and design your sidebar. You can add a logo in the header of your website. Add your contents and define your about page. Make your homepage stunning and attractive to your visitors.

Step 4: Add Plugins and Professional Tools

For making your website management easier, add plugins and professional tools. It is better to use paid tools. Because free tools may cause harm to your website. So, be sure about the tool that it is free of a harmful element, then use it. This will keep your website safe. Add other essential online apps to your site as you need.

Get your website ready and live on the web. Type your website address or domain name of your site on the address bar of your device, you can see your website live

The Verdict

In the above discussion, I think it is now clear to you that building a website is not a critical task. By following these steps, you can make your website. But to make a big project or website, you need more effort, time, and budget.

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