How to Increase the Average Email Conversion Rate?

Despite the increase of different digital media, email marketing is still one of the best and most effective digital marketing ways nowadays. It is effective and most profitable. That is why all digital marketing experts have been using this method for a long time.

That is why if you are thinking of increasing your business, or expanding your business or increase your sales through digital marketing, you should consider email marketing.

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And when it comes to email marketing, the conversion rate is one of the major things you should consider. You should always focus on increasing the conversion rate.

But, how you can increase the average email conversion rate?

Well, that is the topic of this article. In this article, I am going to talk about how you can increase the average email conversion rate. All you need to do is to read the article until the end. So without any further delay, let’s get started. Here we go.

Make Mobile-friendly Email

Maybe you know about it that now more than 50% of people are using their mail on mobile. That means you have to write content or make your email format mobile friendly. If you do not write mobile-friendly content, your audience might not like your content and if that happens, you will not get the best result.

So how you can write a mobile-friendly email? Well, that is a huge topic and I will suggest you to Google it to know how you can write perfect mobile-friendly content. You will find some amazing content on that. So follow that and make mobile-friendly content.

Check Your Email List Again

Well, another great way to increase your conversion rate is rechecked your email list. If your email conversion rate is low, it is possible that your targeted audience is not right. The email list you have might not be perfect for your business.

You need to either add new and targeted emails or remove some of the emails from the list. Do whatever you do but make sure that you have a targeted email list. The reason is simple. When you will have a well-targeted email list, it will be easy for you to turn your potential customer into a real customer.

Understand the Behavior of Your Audience

The most important thing to increase the conversion rate is understanding the audience. It is really important for you as a marketer to understand the audience. If you do not understand your audience, you will never get the best result.

So how you can understand your audience? Well, it is a tough question and you need a lot of research to understand your audience. I am not going to talk details about it. It is your duty to do your own research and find out how you can understand your audience.

As a marketer, the best virtue for you is to do research. Without doing good research, you cannot be a good marketer. So do your research, understand your audience.

If you can do so, you will easily find out what your audience wants. And if you can do so, it will be easy for you to give your audience what they want and this will help you increase your conversation rate.

The Title Should be Most Attractive

In email marketing, the best part is the title.


Well, when someone sends you a promotional email, what will you see first? The title or subject, right? And which email do you open? The one that has the most attractive title. The same goes for your promotion. When you send your email, your title will determine whether it will be opened or not.

So your title should be attractive. Try different items and do your own research in order to find out the best title for your email so that you get the best conversion rate.

Write Appealing Content

Now it is time for content. You know that content is the king. If your content is not attractive, no one is going to read your content and if that happens, your conversion rate will drop for sure. So what can you do to write your content attractively?

Hold on!

I am not going to tell you that you should research it on your own. Yes, you should do it. But I am going to tell you a few.

First of all, you need to write a killing intro. You know, no one is going to read your entire content if the intro is boring. That is why you have to make your audience read the entire content by your killing intro. Then write the article in conversation way so that your audience will feel like they are talking to you.

Also, you should try different media as well. You need to use audio, images, and other formats. Just think about it. People like images or audio more than writing. So you can try it as well.

Use Reminder

You should use a reminder as well. If you send an mail once in a month, your audience will forget about your brand. That is why you need to send emails on a regular basis so that your audience always remembers you and as a result, your conversion rate will increase for sure.

But you should not send emails daily. It will disturb your audience and this will decrease your conversion rate. Instead, you should send emails once a week or twice a week. This will be a good practice. So do it.

Use Tools

You need to send emails on a regular basis, you need to know where your emails end up, and how the conversion rate is. Well, to solve that you can use tools. You will find many tools out there that can help you get the data about your email campaign.

So you need to invest in tools. It will help you analyze the performance of your email marketing. And this will help you as well to know what format of your email is doing well, or which one is not performing well.

And if you can understand which one is performing better, you can repeat the format and get the best conversion rate for sure.

Test What Works Best

When writing your emails, you should try different formats. Without trying different formats, you cannot even know which one is best for you and which one can bring you the best conversion rate. Even if you are getting a higher conversion rate, you should try different formats. It is possible that you will get a better conversion rate.

That is why you should always try some different formats and among them, choose some best formats and use those so that you can get the best conversion rate.

Always Use a Call to Action

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The clickable link you can see above this line is an example of Call to Action.

This is a common mistake people do when they send an email or when they write an email. But you should not do this mistake. You cannot even imagine how important it is for you to add a call to action section in your email.

After reading the content, your audience might not go to your landing page. But if you sue a call to action at the end of the article, the chances of going to the landing page will go higher for sure. So always use the call to action. This is simple but very effective to increase the conversion rate.

Offer Guaranty

Another great way to increase the conversion rate is by offering guaranty. People like to buy the product that offers guaranty. When you will offer them guaranty that your product will solve their problem, the chances of getting that product sale will go high for sure.

So when writing your email, you should try to offer a guaranty of your product. Also, you should mention the guaranty on the landing page as well.

Speed up a Landing Page

And lastly, you should speed up your landing page as well. Just imagine, you click a promotional email and go to a landing page and if the landing page takes too much time to load, what you do? You press the back button or close the bar, right?

That is why you need to fasten your landing page so that it takes less than a second to load. If you can do it, your audience will easily load your page. Also, you should make your page clean and neat. This will help you increase the conversion rate.


These are some tips you should follow in order to increase the average conversion rate. Currently, email is one of the major effective methods to increase your sales. All you need to do is to follow the tips I have mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for? This is the time for you to apply the tips and tricks that I have mentioned above so that you can get the highest conversion rate and thus you can chive the highest profit for your business. Best of luck.