How to do email marketing professionaly - step by step email marketing guidelines

How to Do Email Marketing – Step by Step Guideline

Email is often neglected as a traffic generator media in the crowd of social media. At the age of social media, digital marketers concentrate on traffic generation through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc rather than email marketing.

I would like to remember digital marketers that email is a stronger and powerful media for getting traffic. You can get valid and targeted traffic through email marketing. So, it should not be neglected anymore. Proper and legal use of this marketing tool can help you get high-quality traffic and customers. Getresponse is one of the best email marketing tools you can use it to send email to your customers. They are offering 30 days free trial. It’s a great opportunity to learn email marketing for free. You can create responsive landing pages using Getresponse.

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How to do email marketing professionaly - step by step email marketing guidelines

What is Email Marketing?

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An email marketing is a way of communication in which a marketer sends email to their customer’s email inbox. For this, they make a list of the email account of their customers first. Then generate a newsletter and send it to those listed email accounts.

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The most important thing about email marketing is, it can let you communicate with your valued customer directly and personally.  Following this step by step guideline, you will be able to stay sticky with your customer through email from today.

Why You Should Choose Email Marketing as a Lead Generation Method

In spite of the increasing popularity of social media, email marketing remains at the top of the ways of generating leads and convert them into customers. There are so many reasons for which you should choose email marketing rather than any other traffic converting ways. Here, I have tried to show you why should you choose email marketing as a lead generation method?

Email is The #1 Way of Communication and Sharing Information

Do you know that professional persons must have an email account and more than 91% of people are used to check their email daily? Yes, it’s right. Although many people like to communicate through social media, they like to share professional information using email. You can see that a jobholder or a businessman must check his/her mail inbox daily.

Email Marketing is Always Ever Green

Email marketing is always ever green

There are tons of traffic and lead generation methods out there. Let me break all the method down with their pros and cons.

You might have a popular Facebook fan page with millions of followers. You are sharing products, blog posts and getting a huge amount of visitors per day. What if the page got a ban from Facebook breaking down one of their policy? Instantly you are going to lose all the traffic at that moment.

On the other hand, if you had an enriched email list, you will never lose these emails. All you need just to save the email list in a safe place. You can upload your contact list in different email marketing tools such as Getresponse, Aweber, MailChimp, Mailer Lite, Campaigner etc.

These intelligence tools will help you generate more leads and sales.

Conversion Rate is Better

Those people who get offers through email buy products 138% more than the other people who do not get email offers. The ROI of email marketing has reached 3800%. In fact, the conversion rate of email marketing is three times better than the traditional social media marketing. So, this is the time you should concentrate on email marketing.

The Best Email Marketing Tools

You cannot send a huge amount of email through a general email account at a time. For this, you should use an email marketing tool. This tool will help you build an email list and send emails to a huge number of email accounts at a time. The best and very helpful email marketing tools are –

  • Getresponse
  • MailChimp
  • Campaigner
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact etc.
  • Campaign Monitor

Remember, before sending an email, you should take permission from the email account holder. Otherwise, your email will go to the spam box which will not help you grow your business. Before sending an email it gets priority of making an email list.

While Sending Email What Should Do and What Should Not

Before sending an email advertisement, you should take permission. Email list buy-sale is a common scenario. But we strongly recommend not to buy an email list. Even we do not recommend collecting email from a business card. We must get permission from the person before start sending promotional products.

Those who are not interested to receive my email newsletter won’t buy our products. So, I think sending an email to the person from whom we didn’t get permission is nothing but the waste of time and money. Basically collecting email from an unauthorized source is technically called spam. Doing spam in email marketing no one can get success in their business.

If we would like to collect email from those people who are looking for buying our products we need to follow some procedure.

Step-1: Write a sweet content for your valued reader. Add an opt-in form inside the content. Show them some important benefit which they are looking for. And finally, ask for their email address. Disclose that you are going to send them the valuable newsletter. If they agree with your policy & terms and finally submit their email, believe me, they will be converted into your real customer.

Next time if you send them relevant offers they might be interested in your products. Gradually you can also send them other relevant offers in which they might be interested in. Thus by professional email marketing, we can achieve some valuable long lasting customer.

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