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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider

A website is a compulsory part of the business nowadays. Every industries even beginner need a website for making their business up to date with the advanced world. People now like to search for products and services online via Google, Yahoo, Bing or another search engine rather than go to market.  Local businesses are also being discovered through websites. If your company is not found on the web, you may lose a number of valuable customers.

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According to these needs, building a website for your company is very crucial. A website is able to represent your business to the world of e-commerce. The first and foremost thing while building a website is choosing a domain name and host it on the server.

best hosting

Need to be clear?  A domain name is the name of your company which represents your business. On the other hand, hosting is a place where you keep your contents, services, and product description. As compared to offline, hosting is the space of the store where files are stored on the server. The performance of your website greatly depends on the quality of hosting.

There are a number of hosting providers all over the world. Everyone has its own features and policy. The price also varies on the basis of service. We highly recommend using only best hosting providers but in a comparatively affordable budget. So select your business type, pick a domain and then go for the best hosting plan available and affordable for you.

Web hosting features explained at the below

While choosing a hosting plan, you need to make a checklist for the hosting provider companies. Set your needed criteria for what you want. Then compare in between several companies to get the best and perfect host.

                                 Best web hosting

Package price and plans:

Before purchasing a hosting plan, you should check the features of the plans included with the package. Make sure that the package/ offer you select, can meet your criteria. For example, many web host providers will charge you for a website builder add-on while you can get it for free from other companies. Even you will find some hosting providers who offer limited price for starting packages.

The best customer support:

A web host provider should have 24/7/365 live chat service. As hosting customers may be from any country. They need to communicate with others at any time. So to make their support available to all, they require 24-hour customer care. It is not a compulsory but very important factor. Companies like GoDaddy has their excellent 24/7 helpful live customer support team.

Windows or Linux hosting:

Check out the operating system that is provided by the hosting provider. Almost all companies provide Linux as the default option. Many more may offer both Windows and Linux hosting. Linux is comparatively cheaper than Windows hosting especially if you purchase a dedicated hosting plan. You should notice this to avoid more cost.

C-panel access:

Many Webhosting providers now offer their hosting plans with free control panel access. Control panel or simply C-panel is a feature where you can manage your website, make it easy for the administration of the server.

Email hosting service:

Look for email hosting service. Email hosting facility allows you to create unlimited email IDs with the website extension. These email now get more priority than other typical email addresses. Fortunately, many web hosting companies provide unlimited free email hosting facility included with the hosting plan while other companies may not. Some companies like GoDaddy offer email hosting packages at a monthly cost of $3.49 for every user. In addition, some companies provide web hosting and email hosting separately.

Uptime quality:

Uptime is one of the most valuable factors for your website. Hosting providers who have more than 99.5% uptime are good. But less than this will affect your site ranking.  Good uptime makes your website reliable to visitors. Visitors and customers who visit your website if not get good uptime service or face in trouble while browsing may not find the contents or products. Websites having an uptime issue may experience a penalty and lose its rank.


Storage space is important for your website. When you run your website your files will be kept on the server. The more storage space you get, the more you can upload images, contents videos, etc. For storage space, consider the types of your website. For example, an e-commerce site needs more storage than a blog site.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that is allowed by your hosting provider with your plan. Data transfer mainly occurs between the hosting server and the visitor of the website or customer. The more the bandwidth is, the more customer will be engaged with your website. So, if you want to make a large business website, you should select the package with unmetered bandwidth.

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