How to Backup Files on Google Drive and Restore on Your PC?

When it comes to back up your online, Google drive is surely the best option for sure. The largest giant company Google offers this storage service to the users so that people can experience the best service.

But do you know how you can back up your files on Google drive? And also, do you know how you can restore those files on your pc?

If no then this is the article for you. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can back up your files on Google drive and how you can restore your files on your pc. All you have to do is to read the article until the end. So without any further due, let’s get started. Here we go.

How to Backup?

Backing up your files is super easy. All you have to do is to go to C:\Users\username\Google Drive. You will find all your data that you have uploaded to your Google drive. And the good news is that you do not have to create this folder. It is an automatic folder.

However, you can edit the folder as well. You can set your desired location during the setup.

Then you will see your necessary files and then you need to copy all the files by pressing Ctrl+A and Ctrl+c. and finally, you have to paste the files into your desired location. You are done. It is as simple as that.

There are some links you will find in this folder. These are not important at all. You can either copy-paste these or leave it as it is.

Besides, if you want to restore your files in the future without downloading the files, you can backup your database as well. In that case, you can go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Drive folder and from there, you can back up your database.

How to Restore?

Now we have come to our second part of the article. In this part, we are going to discuss how you can restore your file from Google drive. We all know, sometimes, we need to restore our files for additional safety.

So if you want to restore the file without downloading the file, all you need to do is to move your backed file to the folder where your files were located before moving. That means you need to now move all the files to C:\Users\username\Google Drive.

However, if the Google drive is installed in your system then it will not work since it will synchronize all the files automatically. In that case, you need to move all the databases as well before you install Google drive.

To do that, copy all the database files and paste it to the original folder which is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local.

Once you are done, it is time to start installing the Google Drive on your system, make sure you have selected Advanced setup during the installation process, and also, make sure you have pointed it to the location of the Drive files. That means the file that you have already on the system. Don’t forget to store the files in the original location. You are done here.

Why do You Need to Back up your Google Drive Data?

Well, in the era of the internet, nothing is safe actually. Even we do not have any privacy nowadays. And when it comes to storing data online, you cannot guaranty that your data will be safe. If the id is hacked or if there is any server problem, you might lose all of your data.

In that case, you will have nothing to do but cry if you have some real essential data in the drive. That means it will be a wise decision to back up your drive data if you value your data. Of course, if you do not have any important data then you do not have to panic about back up your data for sure. You can chill then.

As you can see, it is really important to back up all the data that is online. You know, not any cloud server can replace the necessity of hard disks. You must need a hard disc to store all your data if you really want to save your data.


As you can see, it is important for everyone who has important data on the drive to back up it on your hard dis so that in case of emergency or any accident, you can get your data. And also, you have known how easy it is to back up your data and restore the data without downloading.

So the main task for you right now is to follow my instruction and create a backup of your data so that you can restore it anytime you want, anytime you need. Best of luck.