Godaddy website builder review

GoDaddy Website Builder Review: Create Your Own Website for Free

I am starting my today’s blog with a view to assisting my those friends who want to make a website but don’t have an idea of how to build it. In this step by step Godaddy website builder review, I wanna show you how simple and easy a website building is!

Definitely, you need a website to ensure your online presence. Either you are an entrepreneur or employee, no matter it is. In today’s world, to display your works and performance there are no better ways than that of a website. Through a website, you can show off your business, personal works, enterprise jobs etc.

Yes, you may have the tension of expense, time resources to spend on building a website. But I can ensure you, using Godaddy website builder you will be happy and feel out of such anxieties.
Its very simple, easy to start your blog or website at zero cost.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

Godaddy website builder review

Godaddy is a very popular web hosting company. They are popular due to their customer friendly services, the best and award-winning 24/7 customer support team and great services at relatively low cost.
The main product of Godaddy is a domain name and hosting. They are extremely popular for their lowest cost hosting service.

They also offer building websites for free for the first month for those people who don’t know how to build a website. And also cannot bear the cost to manage a web developer to make the website. Godaddy tells you that starting your online existence is waiting for you. Not necessary to hire a developer for this purpose.

The simple ways will make your website well developed with more than 300 templates and themes.

Pros of GoDaddy Website Builder

First of all, I would like to tell you good things about Godaddy website builder as I personally like this web hosting company.

Free to Start

Godaddy offers newcomers to start their business fully free. For the beginners, it’s a great opportunity to start. It will not demand even a single penny for the first month. A domain name with hosting including the site builder is FREE for a month. The free trial requires no credit card to submit.

Get yours Free One Month Trail Now

Pre-designed Themes & Templates

You need not buy any themes or templates for your website. More than 300 hundred pre-designed themes and templates are parked for website builder customers. You just need to select your website category and relevant themes will come to be set up.

godaddy free website

There is also e-commerce themes and designs to start online selling at an online shop. This theme can manage 5000 products and has a payment system ready accepting all credit cards including PayPal.

Social Media Access

There are in-built options to include social media buttons at the side of your website. This feature helps to spread your products out and reach a good number of audiences.

Other Features

Except for the personal website, all websites are enriched with the following features –

  • Mobile-friendly responsive themes and designs.
  • Free SSL encryption to provide good security.
  • 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Social media optimization.
  • Email marketing.

Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

Everything must have some good and bad things combination. Nothing in this world is only good or bad. It may be more or less.

A few cons of Godaddy website builder I have found are –

Basic Designs

The themes and templates have a very basic design. It should be improved. Although there are so many designs, comparing with the modern themes they are very basic.

No e-commerce Tools

Although you can start e-commerce websites using Godaddy’s website builder, they lack high-quality e-commerce tools for more advanced options.

Comparatively High Price

Although it is free to start for the first month, later it charges a high price to pay for every month.

Plans and Pricing

There are FOUR plans for website builder including Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online Store. All plans are billed annually.

godaddy website builder pricing

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