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eFax: Best Free Online Fax Service Review

People now a day’s used to communicate with others for personal or business purpose through the use of smart devices like smartphone, laptop computer, tablet computer, iPhone and many more.

People become more reliable on these electronic devices. With the use of these devices, they can easily communicate with other people through social media, email and eFax services.

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Become surprised hearing eFax? Let me clear it off. eFax is a system of sharing faxes using an email address. This is more convenient than the old fax machine.

Why? Let me show you the benefits of using an eFax other than an old fax machine.

eFax is Free of Cost and Saves Money

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eFax as the best free online fax service provides you with the facilities of fax using an email address only. There is no need for a fax machine. Free efax number will make no cost for sending faxes.

And no need for papers for printing the document. You can send faxes by clicking of the mouse from your computer and receive faxes in your email.

There is no need to have a dedicated fax line for which you may need to pay. Efax help you get relief from these unnecessary costs and provide you online fax services for free.

Provides Security and Privacy:

This piece of free fax service review will dig all the factual data about eFax out. As a user, surely you have the question of security and privacy of your communications.

And you also might think about that a free online fax service may have no or lack of security measures.

To ensure you and keep you relaxed, eFax being the best free fax provider, let you keep your records safe and secured.

eFax help you secure your information and maintain the privacy of your business as you use this through your personal email. No one will get access to your eFax number.

Only you can log in to your eFax number and email. There is no need for printing the fax out so that it remains invisible to others. Thus it provides a higher rank of security to the information that you have shared.

Get your Fax anytime, anywhere:

You do not need to wait in your office room for upcoming faxes. You can get your faxes from anywhere, at any time. There is no problem where you are and what are you doing.

If you sign in to your email, you can see your faxes like email. So, it helps you save your time as well.

No need of using a separate software or apps:

Using eFax need no separate software or apps on your device as it is the best eFax software itself. You should just sign in to your email and fax number.

eFax is Very simple and easy to use:

Kiss Your Fax Machine Good Bye, Try eFax

I think, there is no one who cannot use email. eFax is similar to email. So, it is very easy for everyone to use. You can see the faxes as online preview without downloading them.

Why should you use eFax?

We can share documents, files, and information using email. But why should I need an eFax? This is a very common question. The email has limited file sharing service.

You cannot send a lot of files through email. For this reason, companies and organizations use fax services. Analog fax machine needs you to stay in your office and has a static position.

While eFax has dynamic service with the facilities of sharing lots of documents and files. So, should not you need an eFax number? Get your free eFax number here.

eFax 30 Day Free Trial

Free eFax 30 Day Trial

It’s a very good sign of a company to be honest and trusted when they offer a free trial of their product. They have enough confidence about the quality of their product and that’s why they are providing 30 days free trial.

You don’t need to spend any money in the 30 days trial period. If you don’t like their product, you can simply cancel your subscription any time without being asked any complex question from their end. Even you can have a FREE fax number without spending any buck in this trial period.

Get Your 30 Days Free Trial Now

Features of eFax:

  1. eFax has an excellent feature that makes it easy for their customer. The fax will be encrypted as a cover letter and you can customize this cover letter.
  2. eFax allows you to send multiple file attachment such as .docs, PDF, .HTML, .text, .PNG, .JPEG, Excel and CSV files and so on.
  3. You can add a digitalized signature at the bottom of your faxes with several characters.
  4. eFax provides security to your documents using SSL encryption system.
  5. You can manage your contacts easily and make a list of your contacts using eFax account.
  6. eFax can be used by any type of devices. It is accessible to Android, iOS, Windows operating system.
  7. eFax provides you toll-free local and international numbers that you can use.
  8. eFax will provide high-quality customer support.
  9. You can send and receive faxes via email.

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