Crashplan for small business review

Crashplan For Small Business Reviews

Crashplan for small business is one of the most comprehensive backup solution software for small business organizations.  Crashplan used to deliver the best cloud storage service, unlimited storage space, best file management system, full free file recovery option, and a high-quality security solution.
If you want to keep your data and information safe & secured, we recommend the best backup software and trusted service “Crashplan for small business”. Crashplan gives you relaxation and peace through the best and easy to use service, unlimited and automatic data backup and recovery.  It helps small business and organizations from any kind of data loss due to natural disaster, human mistake, destruction of hardware or any other worst cases.

Crashplan for small business review

Crashplan for small business is a sub-organization of Code42 Inc. which is a leading company for protecting data and information. The code42 provides data security service to more than 47000 world-class industries including global brands. Where Crashplan provides data security for small business, the code42 provides data security for large companies like Expedia, Adobe, Gettyimages, JLL etc.

Pricing and Plan

Free Trial for CrashPlan for Small Business

Crashplan for small business does not cost a lot. It requires to spend only $10 for a device per month with an opportunity of storing unlimited data. The code42 is expensive than Crashplan. It provides services for those enterprises who have at least 200 user profiles.  The price of code42 varies on basis of your companies need size, and features you desired.

Features of Crashplan

Crashplan review

Highly secured Data Protection Service

Crashplan is designed with a high-security system to save your data. It helps its subscribers to have a “force fold” security around their data that is impenetrable. The files to be stored, are always encrypted before backing up. It is one of the most effective measures to keep your data secured. It uses 256 AES data encryption and 128 AES communication encryption option. Moreover, you can upgrade and customize security options as you wish.

Unlimited Data Storage

Crashplan offers storage of unlimited data from your device. You will get any limitation notice from Crashplan. Store as much data as you have. But it should be from your device only, not from any device. You need not pay for recovery and restoration of your stored data. It’s free.

Continuous and Automatic Backup

Crashplan works for continuous and automatic data backup from your device. It will work silently in the background. You will not face any problem while Crashplan is running. You won’t get any interruption in your task. Even you need not turn it on when your device is rebooted.

Smart Back up Tool

crashplan unlimited backup banner

Crashplan backs data up from your device giving priority to the last modified files. Then it will back up and update other existing files. It will also back up more data from your external hard drives. It lets you remove and reattach the external hard drive any time you need.

Easy to Restore Backed-up Data

The data that are backed up at Crashplan, can be easily restored. You can restore your data either via a desktop application or a web-based console. Even you can restore your deleted files too. Crashplan never let you lost any data. If a file is deleted by mistake, you can get it back from Crashplan.

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