freshbooks cloud accounting software review

Cloud Accounting Software FreshBooks Review

Best about FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the best online accounting software and invoicing service provider. This award-winning cloud solution specifically works better in finance and accounting solutions for Small to Midsize Businesses.

Save your time using cloud accounting software and give up traditional paper-pen.

A couple of years ago, when I was looking for a simple way to send invoices to my clients, I discover this amazing tool. I also use it for my bookkeeping.

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What is FreshBooks?

Though FreshBooks primarily familiar with cloud accounting software, they are best for their invoicing feature. Quick invoice creation and online payment processing make FreshBooks more popular.  Many of their valued customers are with them for this awesome service they provide.

FreshBooks has relaunched its new version in 2017. The former one was since 2003. Being updated, their services have been upgraded to a great level and has achieved incredible customer satisfaction.

Both the old and new users of FreshBooks shows positive feedback. Being a valued customer of FreshBooks, I also like it to give it 5 stars rating.

Why Use FreshBooks?

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Running a business whether it is large or small, is not so simple and easy as it looks from outside. Maintaining all calculations, keeping all books, sending invoices all are time consuming and boring staff of works.

These functions will suck most of your valuable time. You can discover some profitable techniques at this time.

If these tasks will be done automatically, think, how helpful it will be that!

From this concept, I was searching for such a tool that can take away this time-sucker and provide me with some extra periods of time.

I know, you may think of the reliability and trustworthiness of it. Well, after testing a few tools, I have found FreshBooks the most reliable and trusted one on which I can really depend on.

Features of FreshBooks


The most important and popular feature of FreshBooks is creating professional invoices. The small business owner basically loves it for invoicing.

Try FreshBooks and see how professionally you can make your invoices and bills. Save your valuable time, make your invoices quickly in just one click.

Expense Tracking

Keeping track of expenses is very important for business owners. They must have to where and how they are spending. Through, it will be easy to calculate their profits as well.

FreshBooks made expense tracking simple and easy. Using FreshBooks, you can keep track of your expenses without the help of using complex spreadsheets. 

Time Tracking

Keep track of your time. See, how much time does a project need to be finished. Calculate the values of your time you are spending on work.

After completion of your task, generate an invoice and send it to your clients.         

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Safe and Easy-to-Use

Using FreshBooks I very easy. You manage your client’s list and generate invoices for them very easily within a short time.

It will keep all of your data safe and secure. There is a risk of losing any data. It will also help you keep the accuracy and transparency of your accounts.

Mobile Apps


When the outside of your office and have no computers with you, you need not be worried about your work. Through the FreshBooks mobile apps, you can manage your tasks from anywhere and stay connected with staff and clients.


You can receive payments through FreshBooks invoices. Generating FreshBooks invoices, you have a chance to get paid faster from your clients.

Your clients can pay you directly through FreshBooks invoices. It is an automatic and secure process.

Financial Reports

After completion of a task, FreshBooks will keep you reported with the progression of your business.

The straightforward dashboard and the transparent report will give you a one-page scenario of your business

Plans and Pricing

The big fall sale offer is running on FreshBooks.

Get up to 50% off on FreshBooks Lite, Plus and Premium plan if you purchase it for at least three months. Also, there is a chance to test their services out. You can get a limited-time free trial opportunity.

The regular price of FreshBooks each plan varies on demand. The more you pay. the more you will get advantages. Basically, as a small business owner or if your business is growing the Plus plan very suitable for you.

There are four plans for FreshBooks. The first three have defined features that are not-scalable. The Custom plan is very effective for large companies as it offers customizable options for you.

The Lite

The features of the Lite plan are –

  • You can generate Unlimited Customized Invoices
  • Generate invoices for 5 clients
  • Unlimited Expense Entries and Time Tracking
  • They Accept Credit Card Payments and ACH Bank Transfers Online
  • They have an automated Bank Import system
  • They will give you insightful Tax Time Reports
  • The custom functionality and workflows with 200+ integrations
  • You can add Team Members ($10/person) here

This plan needs to pay you $7.50 per month

The Plus

The features of the Plus plan includes all the Lite features and the following –

  • Generate invoices for 50 clients
  • Unlimited proposals
  • Automated Recurring Invoices
  • Double Entry Accounting Reports
  • Scheduled Late Fees
  • Automated Late Payment Reminders
  • Client Retainers
  • Team Members ($10/person)
  • Advanced Payments ($20/mo)

This plan will cost you at least $12.50 per month.

The Premium

The premium plan has more features than that of the previous plans. In relation to the price, it’s admirable.

The Premium plan has all the Lite and Plus features. It will help you generate invoices for 500 clients.

Is not it a big amount?

The Select Plan

It is a custom plan. Clients who need extra features and custom options can choose it. It does not have bounds and limitations. You can make it according to your needs.

  • You can generate invoices for 500+ clients.
  • A personal account manager will be assigned to you.
  • They will organize a Customized training for you and your team
  • Super low credit card transaction rates
  • Easy QuickBooks and Xero integration

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