A2 hosting review

A2 Hosting Review: Cheap Web Hosting and VPS Hosting

In the world of web hosting, A2hosting is not a big name. Even many people have not heard about A2 Hosting. But they become popular day by day because of their incredible super-fast loading time and high speed. The aim of the A2 hosting review is to explain the good and bad about the A2 hosting company. The speed is 20 times faster than other well-known web hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, etc.

Are you looking for a blazing and super-fast web hosting? Do you need the best uptime and support?  Do you like to get these at an affordable price?

Then, go through this article to discover an excellent web hosting service that is able to meet all of your requirements.

After a long time research on several web hosting providers, all of our team members agree to recommend only A2 hosting for our valued visitors. Before giving an honest review, for a testing purpose, we have subscribed and bought a cheap, shared web hosting package from A2 hosting and run a basic website built on Word Press. And the result is, we all are amazed experiencing the performance of A2 Hosting.

We think you should get the experience of this superb hosting with your websites. Let’s get ready to make a new adventure on the way of web hosting. .COM domain only at $0.88

What is A2 Hosting

A2 hosting review

A2 hosting was launched in 2001. Since they were used to known as “Iniquinet”. They are rebranded as “A2 Hosting”.  They have data centers almost all around the world (Michigan in the US, Amsterdam in Europe, and at Singapore in Asia).

A2 hosting emphasizes on loading speed, uptime guarantee, money back guarantee, and they called their customer support as “Guru Crew support”. The support team of A2 hosting are very reliable and responsive. They are used to reply to your query within a reasonable time. A2 Guru Team is always dedicated to their customers.

They are promised to provide worlds #1 fast speed guarantee. According to ReviewInc.  A2 hosting achieves the FIVE-star rating by 19565 customers.

Let’s have a thorough look at the features of A2 Hosting.

Features of A2 Hosting

High Powered Super-fast Web Hosting at Affordable Price

If you need a website to become loaded at a minimum time than other sites, you should host it on A2 Hosting. Building a blog site or picture and image containing a website with heavy traffic requires a powerful and good quality of hosting. If your website fails to load faster, you may lose your visitors because of longer loading time.

A2 Hosting will help you boost your website’s speed. They offer 20X faster speed than the other web hosting providers. They will give the solution for all types of loading problems.

But the price is quite low in relation to their high performing services. Even a beginner can afford the cost easily.

The Best Uptime Guarantee

A2 hosting provides 99.90% guaranteed uptime facility. It will protect your website from falling down. If anyone says that they provide 100% uptime, it is completely impossible. The uptime may up down but it should not exceed the difference 0.4 in between.

We have a record of previous month’s uptime of A2 hosting in which you can easily notice the quality.

Average Uptime in January 2018It was 99.98%
Average Uptime in February 2018It was 99.99%
Average Uptime in March 2018It was 99.98%
Average Uptime in April 2018It was 99.89%

Guru Crew Customer support, So what you have noticed? Is not it better than others?

A2 hosting tells that they have a “Guru Crew Customer Support Team”. The support is available at 24/7/365. They are always at your service to get you helped in any kind of issue arises. A2 Guru lives support team is incredibly excellent and helpful at their service. A2 customer support team provide superior and quality service and have most certainly got covered. In a word “Gurus are awesome”.

A2 customer support team

They are available over the phone, on a live chat or you can send an email containing your needs and problems. They also allow you to give feedback by reviewing their services. As like as their fast speed at page loading, their support team is also fast and excellent.

The Best Website Building Software Installation at One Click with High Security

A2 hosting makes the fastest page loading speed with advanced security. They provide a secured setting of your website building platforms like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc.

These website building platforms make it easy to set up your website without the help of a webmaster. These tools are very simple to manage and use.  A2 hosting optimizes these tools with security for the optimal configuration.

Products and Services

A2 Hosting - The Best Web Hosting Provider

A2 Web Hosting

Compare and choose any one of the following web hosting plans. These ultra-fast and highly reliable hosting will make you satisfied and successful.





Starting Price $3.92 per month $4.90 per month $9.31 per month
Number of Websites to be Hosted A single website Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
Database 5 Databases Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases
Storage & Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Access Yes Yes Yes
Turbo No No Yes, Up to 20X Faster
Any Time Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes

A2 VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting package is faster than the web hosting plans. They have more features for new subscribers. VPS hosting is available for both Linux and Windows operating system. Experience the fastest speed ever with A2 VPS hosting plans. These three VPS options will be able to meet your unique needs.

There is Unmanaged VPS that is the perfect choice for an expert web developer. A2 hosting also offers managed VPS plan for those who are not expert enough to manage a hosting. This is 100% supported by the Guru Crew Support team of A2 Hosting.

Linux VPS hosting


Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS

Core VPS

Starting Price Only $5.00 per month Only $32.99 per month Only $32.99 per month
Main Feature Suitable for an Experienced Web Developer It is more powerful than Shared hosting. Managed VPS with Root Access.
Root Access Permitted Not Permitted Permitted
cPanel Access Optional Add-on Free cPanel access Free cPanel access
Storage Limit From 20 GB From 75 GB From 75 GB
Data Transfer Limit From 2 TB Transfer From 2 TB Transfer From 2 TB Transfer
RAM From 512 MB From 4 GB From 4 GB
SSL and SSD SSD optional Free SSL & SSD Free SSL & SSD
Coupon Code No 34VPS 34VPS

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