7shifts best employee management software

7Shifts Review: Best Employee Management Software

Hundreds of software solutions are available in the market for restaurants, bars, and similar hospitality venues, designed to improve employee attendance, evenly and effectively distribute workload among available workers, and significantly reduce labor costs.

Among this, most of the restaurant managers love 7Shifts, reputed scheduling software solution which takes care of their scheduling processes with ease. To accelerate your restaurant business, you should know the overall reviews of 7Shifts software solutions. For your convenience, we provide a brief description of 7Shifts mentioned below.

What is 7Shifts?

Basically 7Shifts is an employee scheduling software solution for a restaurant that helps to optimize labor operation by restaurant scheduling process quickly and easily. It also helps to improve accountability, time and money-saving as well as integrate with existing restaurant POS software.

So Businesses with an already existing software ecosystem do not need to worry about adding 7Shifts as it is a system that can easily integrate with applications like Cake, Micros 3700, Heartland Dineware, Breadcrumb POS, Toast POS, and a number of other applications. Any issues bump into can also be resolved by the 7Shifts support team either via live chat, phone or email.

Key Features of 7Shifts

Scheduling capabilities, mobile apps, basic reporting and employee clock-in / clock-out functionality basic features of 7Shifts. But there are also so many key features that will instigate you to take service of 7Shifts mentioned below.


It is the main feature of the 7Shifts software solution. In addition, you can put your team’s shift on the calendar, create special events such as catering meals, birthday party reservations. For that facility, your team can take preparation for necessary changes or adjustments to the schedule.


7punches is a separate (free) time clock app of 7Shifts. Through this app, employees can easily clock in and out and this can access from any time clock-enabled devices like iPads, time clock workstations, and desktop computers.


In 7Shifts paid “Entree” plan payroll integration, export functions and labor budgeting are included. By this, you can see your labor cost as part of the schedule and it will make you cost-effective when you plan employee shifts.

Teamwork and Collaboration

In this software, you can communicate with your employees via SMS. As well as employees can see their schedules, request time off and shift trades, and receive updates via an android or IOS mobile app if they have internet access. By one dashboard you can track sales revenue and labor cost, create and maintain records of different shifts, maintain needs and employee issues.

Why You Should Choose 7Shifts?

For streamlined scheduling process 7Shifts is the best to offer for restaurants. Every tool in 7Shifts is designed to make back-office work easier and less time-consuming. 7Shifts is easy to use and it reduces the time spent on making employee schedules up to 80%.


As it is a cloud-based platform, it can create schedules and implement them from any location without any hassle. It is easy for employee to send requests for leave and time off instead of written documents. They can get the instant notification of their request is approved or not.


Through app chat employees and management can talk one-on-one or within a group as well as the ability to send one-way or all-call messages to staff. Both can be notified through chat, push notification and email/


Depend on staff size, a number of locations and additional features required by users, there are several packages of 7Shifts. On 14 days trails, you get 10 employee access and one location.

There are three paid solutions. The first one is Appetizer starts from $17.99/month includes 20 employee access and multi-location support. The second one is Entrée starts from $39.99/month includes unlimited employee access and multi-location support. The last and final package is The Work starts from $69.99/month includes all the features of 7Shifts.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based
  • Deployment
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

Language Support

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Pricing Model

• Monthly and Annual Subscription

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support
  • Training
  • Tickets

Different User Reviews

By 7Shifts, maximize profit by scheduling exactly where needed with forecasting. The schedule can be created in minutes versus an hour. Eliminating scheduling employees on requested days off or outside of their availability and employees can update availability, time off without bothering management.

7Shifts geared restaurant shift/labor management and communications, whereas many of the other scheduling software cannot. This software also saves time and money.

7shifts has all the integration we need, most importantly P.O.S. and payroll. As a small business, we still handle everything in-house, but with 7shifts we have this great tool and support system to make scheduling and payroll easier. The online support is always available, fast and helpful.

7Shifts platform and the support staff behind the program have made it very easy for our business to schedule our employees. The communication and ease of use from smartphones with 7Shifts are invaluable to our business. We have 2 locations across town from each other, with 7Shifts it has made it incredibly easy for scheduling and communication for managers and staff. They feel ‘linked’ together through this software solution.


Honestly said 7Shifts have not any major cons. For third-party app integrations that users would be automatically opted into. Forecasting was a bit clunky if you are unfortunate.

Finally, we can say that 7Shifts is the ultimate solution for your restaurant business. 7Shifts manages employee availability, time off, shift switches, messaging – everything that used to require reams of paper, whiteboards.

Employees have all of their schedule information available to them on the app, which is very intuitive and easy to use. As you get an overall idea about 7Shifts, you can decide which package of this software solution is best for you. All of us try to speed up our business and 7Shifts is one of the solutions to quicken your business by proper management.