7 Best SEO Tools For Successful SEO

7 Best SEO Tools For Successful SEO

If you are looking for the best SEO tools, you have come on the right place. Here, I am going to discuss on some of the best tools in the SEO industry to help you guys find them quickly.

I have tested the services of all the tools here listed for the last 2 years. On the basis of my experience, I have compiled all the great SEO tools here on a list to give a quick overview of them. You need not test all of them out. I have sorted these tools orderly according to their effectiveness and performance.

7 Best SEO Tools For Successful SEO

SEO is the technique of optimization of our web content to get our website ranked on the SERP (search engine result page). While optimizing, we have to research and analyze websites both self and the competitor’s to make the self-one outrank the competitors.

Why Should You Use SEO Tools?

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It is a complicated and hard task to get the in-depth data of others website, specifically for the newbies. As the security terms of internet visitors have increased, we cannot get data from other websites without authorization. And getting authority of competitor’s site is not only impossible but also unimaginable.

To get the expected outcome of your hard work, some tools can be the best buddy in SEO. Providing reliable and accurate data, squeezing the secret data out and comparing these data will be very easy if you use these SEO tools.

Best SEO Tools Review

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Let me introduce you the best SEO tools for optimizing your site and secure your position on the SERP.

Ahrefs – Competitor Research and Keyword Analysis Tool

ahrefs SEO tools

As from my experience, I would like to rate Ahrefs as 5/5 as the best SEO tools. Among all, Ahrefs data is more accurate and reliable. Ahrefs has own search bot who continuously analyzes websites and collects the data.

Ahrefs has the most powerful and complete database of their own. Every day, the Ahrefs bot crawls over 6 billion web pages, 200 million root domains, 12 trillion links, and 3 trillion known URLs.

This is the best tool to squeeze your competitor’s data out so that you can outrank them. The tools you will get at Ahrefs are –

  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword explorer
  • Backlink research
  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Rank tracking
  • Web monitoring, and site audit.

The price of ahrefs is highly paid. There is no free trial option. You can have a trial period for 7 days for $7.

MOZ – Best SEO Software

MOZ seo tools

After the Ahrefs, MOZ is the second best option of SEO tools. The wide variety of tools with a reliable data source makes MOZ the most popular brand among all of the SEO tools.

The reason for being so popular is that MOZ is the only tool who provides the most accurate data for FREE. The 30 days free trial session will be your best starting in SEO. After this period, you need to pay for their service.

The MOZScape API has the power to crawl and index over 96 billion URLs and build a high resourceful database. MOZ features the following tools.

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • SEO Audit and Crawl
  • SEO Tool Bar

MOZ has offered FREE SEO tools opened for all. These are –

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Link Explorer
  • MOZ Bar

But these features have limitations too. To get access to the full set of MOZ SEO tools and more features you need to upgrade to MOZ Pro.

SEMRush – SEO and Marketing Tool

SEMRush SEO tool

AT the same time SEMRush works as SEO and Marketing tool and becomes the favorite SEO tool in the SEO community. I love this tool because of its unique feature – Domain vs Domain analysis that allows comparing your website to your competitors.

It will provide you the analytics reports of yours and your competitor’s websites to help in better understanding and comparing of the research data. You can easily uncover your competitors SEO strategy and ranked keywords.

It will help you find those keywords that worth for you and would be more profitable.

SEMRush is a paid SEO tool. Luckily, there is a 7 days FREE trial session offered by SEMRush.

KW Finder – Keyword Analysis Tool

kw finder keyword research tool

KW Finder, the Best tool for searching and finding the right keyword owned by Mangools, an Online marketing, and SEO tools provider. It is primarily designed for finding the best and perfect keyword relating to your search. It has achieved a good range of reputation for providing long-tail keyword research to help you get a carve on higher page ranking.

KW Finder’s best feature is it provides perfect keyword ideas along with long-tail and low competitive keywords. SEO masters can easily find an SEO-friendly keyword for their niche. To extract the best and profitable keyword, you need not be an SEO expert. Using KW Finder will be your solution without the help of an SEO expert

KW Finder is somehow less expensive than other tools. It also offers 7 days FREE Trial to test their services and quality out.

SpyFu – Competitor Keyword Research SEO Tool

SpyFu keywors research tool

SPyFu is basically the best tool after Google to analyze the competition of keywords for running a campaign on Google Adwords and drive paid traffic. It allows to research and download competitors most profitable keyword.

The PPC competitive analysis intelligence of SpyFu is almost 100% accurate and helpful. SpyFu search for a domain, what keywords it uses for Google Ads, organic keywords, and ads variation for the last 12 years.

SpyFu is a useful tool for the advertisers who are looking for the best profitable keywords to promote their business through Google Ads.

SE Ranking – All-in-One SEO Tool

SE ranking keyword research and SEO tool

For SEO masters, I would like to recommend using SE Ranking for its reliable and detailed keyword and SEO research. It is specifically developed for SEO professionals and website owners to make their websites ranked.

It gives 100% accurate ranking monitor tool, simple but powerful SEO tool. SEO gurus love SE Ranking for its keyword grouping features which save time but show the best outcomes.

The tools available in SE Ranking are –

  • Backlink Explorer
  • Backlink Monitor
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Competitor / PPC research
  • Site and on-page SEO audit
  • Marketing Plan
  • Flexible report generator
  • White label
  • API

The price of SE Ranking is also affordable for beginners. It starts at only $7 per month. If you need more features, there are scalable plans too.

Keywords Everywhere – Best Free SEO Tool

Keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an awesome SEO tool which has Chrome Extension. No other tools are convenient as like as Keywords Everywhere to find the related keywords on Google Chrome.

It’s breaking news for beginners and low budget SEO masters that Keywords Everywhere is free to add on browser like Google chrome as an extension.

The data provided by Keywords Everywhere is highly reliable and trusted. It aggregates data from the master SEO tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Trends etc. So, there is nothing to say about the quality of report provided by Keywords Everywhere.

It shows the monthly search volume, CPC, and keyword competition of the searched keyword and suggested keywords

The Verdict

To rank a website on the search engine, there is no alternative of SEO. For perfect and beneficial SEO, use of the SEO tools is a must. Without using these tools you cannot get the keyword ideas as well as to track of your targeted keyword and competitors.

It is not necessary to use more than one tool at a time. You can do your job with any one of these tools.  But if you want more success and rank fast, use two more tools in combination will be very useful.

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